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Veterinary medicine is evolving so fast that it has become impossible for one vet to be at the forefront of knowledge in every area of our profession.

“VTnac Brussels“ positions itself as a team of specialists dedicated to Exotic Pets medicine only . This specialization enables us to focus our knowledge and experience to the care of your pets, with the singularities of each of their species.
VTnac Brussels is not just one vet but a team of vets devoted to the medicine and surgery of exotic pets. The advantage? Unequalled clinical experience, the capacity to confer and consult in more complex cases and for each vet in the team, to broaden its knowledge but also to develop leading-edge skills in areas such as imagery, surgery or specific diagnostics for these species.


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If you are a vet and would like to refer a case, please contact us via this space.

This will enable us to care for your patient according to your wishes and to keep you updated about the pet’s evolution at your best convenience.

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